Ambergris Caye Elementary School

History & Moving Forward

Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) faced a major turning point in May 2010 when the parents and students learned they no longer were able to use the facility which housed their school. However, with determination and a commitment to the education of their children, a group of parents did not let their school falter.  Within months the school had been relocated to another location, remodeled and readied for occupancy by the beginning of the 2010 – 2011 school year; an amazing feat!

September brought a new set of challenges.  With a student population of only 27 students, the now little school, faced major financial hurdles.  Still, the parents now board members, refused to give up.  Fund raising and student enrollment became the primary goal of the board members; while the teachers and principal focused on achieving the highest standards possible academically.

Today, ACES is thriving.  With a student population of now 34, we have increased our student population by more than 25%.  Dedicated to quality education we boast a low student to teacher ratio with classes having eight students or less. Smaller classes allows for more one on one time spent with students.  Truly no child will ever fall through the cracks or be left behind, as intervention and remedial help are readily available. 

For the future, the sky is the limit. An enrollment drive is currently underway.  For the summer of 2011 we hope to add additional classrooms and an office/library/computer lab to the facility.  Yet, no matter how big we grow, our commitment is to small class sizes of no more than 15-18 students per class.  We have always provided quality education. For two years in a row, ACES has had the highest PSE (Primary School Exam) scores on the island. The PSE is a requirement in order for a child to move on to Form 1 (high school).  Our commitment to the highest standards remains the same. 

We hope to see your child here with us soon!