Ambergris Caye Elementary School

Sponsor A Child

At this time, ACES has not received any funding from the government. The school operates on donations, tuition, and funds raised by parents and benefactors. A free education is not an option as it is in North America. If students are to receive an education it must be paid for externally. Many times students in Belize do not have the luxury of an education because parents cannot afford to send them. It is our goal to provide an educational opportunity while trying to keep the cost of tuition down.

The cost of opening a new facility is great, so we are reaching out to you to help in this immense effort. Please search your soul and find it in your heart to help with this project. Many fund raising organizations spend up to 80% to 90% in just administration costs. Giving to ACES you will know that 100% of the money will be used to provide an education for children that might not otherwise have this opportunity.

We know that economic times are tough everywhere, however, imagine not having an option of a free educational system. Every little bit helps and there is no better cause than the education of children. Children are the future, so take this opportunity to invest in the future of a child.

For donations from the people of Ambergris Caye, please visit the school. For those who would like to donate electronically, please email us at:  and we will correspond with you individually.

Thank you for your consideration. 

Sponsored Children :

               Alexis                         Rheannie